Auxiliary Skins

About Auxiliary Skins: A Collection of Stories:

Existing somewhere in that chasm between bodily function and souledness, Christine Miscione’s debut collection Auxiliary Skins illumines all that’s perilous, beautiful and raw about being human. From the surgically gutted, to the racially transformed, to a story of self-excision that won Miscione the Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Award, this collection is chock-full of razor blades masquerading as lemon tarts and everything in between.

“The results of the mad experiments in Christine Miscione’s laboratory are sometimes twisted and grotesque, occasionally beautiful, often frustrating and challenging and audacious. A few are even heartbreaking. But they are always magnificent mutants. Canadian literature would be enriched by more such laboratories!”

— Stuart Ross, author of Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew and Buying Cigarettes for the Dog

“I greatly admire the pared-down writing of Skin, Just. It hits gut bone. A haunting story, truly amazing. Not a word amiss. I kept thinking about it long after my reading. And still do.”

— Gloria Vanderbilt, sponsor, Vanderbilt/Exile CVC Short Fiction Competition

“Deeply felt prose… a spare control that turns the reader’s imagination loose, stories in which serious moments of childlike whimsy seem sardonically aged, stories in which the death of anything is a revelation of the life that is in everything…”

— M.T Kelly, Governor General Award Winner

Auxiliary Skins: A Collection of Stories, published through Exile Editions, will be available September 2013.